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NOW MORE THAN EVER science and facts are critically important to good policy making. Despite the increasingly urgent need for science informed policy, our government continues to ignore the enormous scientific consensus around issues like climate change, pollution, vaccines and other critical issues. At the same time, forces inside the government are working to erode funding for research and development and education. Government spending in R&D and education is critically important for the future of our country, and they yield enormous returns from increased economic productivity and efficiencies down the line. 

We can make the difference! By raising their voices together, Californians and Americans everywhere are standing up for the importance of fact-based policy and robust funding for sciences and research. For our children, for our future, and for our present day -- SCIENCE MATTERS.

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March for Science Sacramento is a 501(c)3 nonprofit project, run by unpaid, volunteer organizers. 100 percent of our project expenses will go towards the direct costs of the march, including: 
  • Permits and Security
  • Stage and Sound 
  • Musicians and Talent
Through YOUR support, we are able to organize a march facilitating thousands of people to raise their voices in support of science, education, and fact-based policy on the state and national level. 

Thank you for everything you do to fight for science, the environment, and the public good!

March for Science and Tax March are sharing the stage!
Find out more at: www.marchforsciencesacramento.com/whyunite